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Top 5 Wedding Floral Designs to Invest In

So you're engaged and you're starting to think about your wedding flowers. First off, congratulations, this is such an exciting time! As you plan the details of your big day, I always applaud the behavior of customizing your event to be exactly what you want. As I'm here to share insights from my many years of experience, I also invite you to do things your way and to bypass any traditions that don't speak to you.

As we dive in, I want to cover two important themes throughout this conversation:

1. What your photographer is going to capture that will potentially get printed or displayed after the wedding

2. Your guest experience

As we go through the list, keep in mind that your top 5 could include different or additional designs than the ones listed here depending on what your wedding day looks like. For some cultures and traditions, blooms added to a knife handle to be danced with may make the list over cake flowers. Or cake flower are a top priority because you have a 6 tier cake and hate the idea of holding a bouquet. Whatever your wedding entails, I hope the following list will help turn the wheels in your mind to explore what you think will be the most impactful designs at your wedding.

  1. Ceremony Installation - The ceremony is where you will have your guest's undivided attention. Every eye will be staring up at you and the space around you. So why not fill it with a beautiful floral masterpiece? Give your guests something magical to look at. Also imagine getting married surrounded by hundreds of flowers. You'd be embraced by their beauty, energy, and fragrance as you said your vows to the love of your life. Doesn't that seem incredible? Another bonus that comes with investing in a ceremony installation is that when the ceremony is over, it's a great place to take pictures with your spouse and family members. Guests could also utilize the backdrop to take pictures with. As we know people love a good social media moment. It's a design that will get a lot of in person, social media, and post wedding attention.

  2. Bridal Bouquet - This thing is in like every single photograph. It's both an accessory and a prop. You definitely want to invest in this design and make sure your florist will create the bouquet of your dreams. Don't skimp on price here! If you've ever wanted an all peony bouquet or one full of gardenias, this is the place to splurge on those premium flower varieties. You're the bride - treat yourself! And since we're on the topic of bouquets, I also want to ask the question, do you really need 8 additional bouquets for your bridesmaids for 1 silly photo together? These bouquets more often then not get left on a random chair or on the floor of the bridal suite as soon as ceremony is over. Unless bridal bouquets are high on your priority list, save the thousand dollars and apply that elsewhere.

  3. Centerpieces - These designs are high up on the guest experience list. While your guests dine and toast and chat with one another, their eyes are going to be constantly gazing on what's right in front of them. So make sure you invest properly in your centerpieces. Add romantic candlelight, add little sprigs of herbs on the napkin, let the flowers spill out of their vessel for guests to interact with. Flowers have their own energy you know, and to allow your guests to have an up close and personal experience with them is definitely a treat!

  4. Reception Installation - A photographer's dream and another guest experience design. Reception installs could be a number of different things. It could be a pool full of floating florals, it could be a floral ceiling hanging over the dance floor, it could be a staircase you and your partner walk down to make your grand entrance as the MC announces you as a married couple. Get with your florist to plan something epic that coordinates with your venue. This floral piece will not only wow your guests, but will be talked about and enjoyed in photos taken by your photographer for years to come.

  5. Detail Shots - Now what do I mean by this? Detail shots of what? Here I'm referring to things like heirloom jewelry, keepsakes, invitations, rings, bow ties, your high heels, etc. Pair your florist up with your photographer to provide them with beautiful blooms and greenery sprigs to style with. High end silk or velvet ribbon could also make the perfect addition to these photo moments. This design concept could also be applied to tributes to family members who have passed or floral details on your cake. I know I'm kind of biased since I'm a florist, but whatever small details that are important to you that you want captured on your wedding day should also be accented with flowers. Flowers make everything better, right?

I want to thank you for taking the time to read through the list and for letting me share some of my thoughts and opinions with you. I hope you found this helpful and if you have anything you'd like to share or have any questions, I'd love to hear from you.



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