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Why I Only Offer Florist's Choice Arrangements for Dailies

Updated: May 9

In the retail & consumer world, there are so many different ways to purchase flowers. At your local grocery store, online through a wire service, Googling & then calling your local flower shop, or through someone you know. The opportunities are endless for connecting to the beautiful blooms mother nature grows for us. And throughout all these different sources, I wanted to provide a service to the people in my world that felt not only genuine to myself but also genuine to the flowers that I design with.

This is what led me to creating & providing only florist's choice arrangements for my daily designs. I didn't want to recreate a recipe that has been designed a million times. A dozen roses in a vase with salal and baby's breath. Sunflowers in a tea cup. Blah blah blah. These all feel so forced to me. Too cliche. These paths don't honor the flowers. They don't allow the blooms to shine or be showcased for their innate qualities. The textures, the tones, the ruffles, the dimension. I want to showcase flowers in the ways that they want to be showcased. Naturally and wildly, just as they behave in nature.

Other benefits to this way of designing is that I get to showcase more of what's in season and what is being locally grown in my area. I want to use my designs to connect others back to nature. Connect with the beautiful essence each flower has to offer us. This path speaks right to me and I feel it pulling at other like minded flower loving humans and be a resource for others to gift and receive flowers in this beautiful, organic way.

Thank you for allowing me to design and create spectacular one of a kind pieces of floral art for you. It's such an honor to be here and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to be held in a space to be creative for you and members of our community.



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